Saturday, 19 November 2011

One of those moments: the first picture


The capitals at her insistence - she is no longer 3 and a HALF.

Today was one of those momentous moments - a month or so ago it was when she could spell her name, the month before that when she could count past 10, the month before that tell me what we can make from milk.

Today however, was momentous.

Today, we have a drawing of people.

I'm sure she has been able to do them for a while but when the pre-school bag comes home with 40+ pieces of paper, I have no idea which is hers.

Today, I know. All her own work.

So, from the left we have:

Father Christmas (NO, it''s not Santa, it's Father Christmas) complete with hat and bobble on the end, Me (aka Toots), my dollies, and the small person in the far right is my toddler sister Pip.

What can I say - serious lump.

I know you have all been there, but please join with me in shedding a tear for the first of the people pictures.

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