Monday, 9 April 2012

Meal planning w/c 9th April

We didn't over indulge in chocolate this Easter but it is less than four weeks until we go on holiday so there is a need to reduce the calories a little. We'll we'll try to anyway. I still only have a very very tiny amount of worksurface so there is a limit to what I can cook and given the dishwasher is still not plumbed in, I am trying not to use too many pots ;)

So here goes our plan for the week:

Monday: mackerel with potato salad and a selection of greens

Tuesday: paella with prawns and chicken thighs (must remember to pick up some more saffron and chorizo from Lupe Pintos)

Wednesday: pork teryaki with singapore noodles. The pork is already marinading ;)

Thursday: Omelette Arnold Bennet using smoked whiting from Delish Fish. The fish comes individually vac packed and is really convenient. We put it straight in the freezer and then just take it out as we need it. This will just need one fillet for both of us.

Friday: porcini and pancetta pasta. Perfectly indulgent for a Friday night
Saturday: grilled salmon with mixed veg and whatever salad I can find

Sunday:  most likely a roast chicken. The girls  love it and it's easy peasy.

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