Thursday, 30 August 2012

A long way to go for a pork pie !

Now I live in Edinburgh and have been desperate to try a Norfolk based Bray's Pork Pie for some time. This is mainly due to following the escapades and pie baking of Sarah on and drooling.

How can a pork pie sound sooooo good ?

Unfortunately, there are no stockists in Scotland and so I have had to wait until the biannual visit to the Norfolk based in-laws to try.

And so the time has come.... A day trip to the lovely town of Holt meant a visit to the infamous Bakers and Larners where said pork pies are stocked. I was rather disappointed that they only had the Cley (chorizo) and chilli (two holes!) pies in stock but it's still better than nothing.

A rainy Thursday seemed like a good time to try and we ventured for the chilli variety.

When I cut into it, I couldn't believe the quantity of good quality meat inside. It was solidly packed. And no jelly in sight - to be honest there wouldn't have been room. The meat was beautifully seasoned - gently flaked with chillis. The pastry was light and delightful - I am desperate to be able to make pastry like that and would love to know their secret  !!

It was clear this pie was make with love - it was delightful on it's own and would be wonderful as part of a picnic lunch. I'm desperate to be able to try the rest - I had better put my order in for our next visit. Either that or persuade them an Edinburgh stockist would be a great idea. (And some competition for the famous Tollcross chilli pie !!!)

All in all, a perfect pie indeed. And the fact that they do wedding pies may even make me consider tying the knot myself. Almost.

This was not a paid for review. I bought and paid for the pies myself and the views expressed are all my own.

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