Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chocolate cake: an obsession

Chocolate cake by me and my Kitchen Aid.

I had been obsessing about getting a Kitchen Aid. I must watch too much tv. I had been saving for ages - birthday  money, christmas money etc etc. It's not a cheap purchase but as him indoors kept saying, better get the one you really want. Besides, I had the KA toaster and liquidiser already !!! 

It arrived last week and I have been desperate to get going with it. I made a couple of soda breads during the week and a lemon drizzle loaf both of which were pretty good. But I really wanted to have a bash at a proper cake cake. You know what I mean.

Then Delicious Magazine announced their #deliciouscooks challenge - chocolate cake. Well, I couldn't resist and put the new purchase to work.....

The machine is wonderful to use - switch on and leave.... The cake mix was sooooo creamy. There is no way I could have done this with my hand mixer.

I was even lazy and made the frosting in the thing. This was wonderful. The frosting was beaten to a pulp and was lumpless. I must admit to being rather pleased with the result.

Suffice to say, one of the little people in the house thought it looked good enough to eat !

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