Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cleaning is good for the soul

I know you are supposed to do it in spring time. I did - in fact, I cleared out masses of stuff and put it into storage to get the place ready to sell. But I never really did any spring cleaning...

So here I am in September, cleaning, and hoping that it cheers my mood somewhat.

Maybe it's the impending winter that's pulling my spirit into the dolldrums or maybe it's the lack of being able to plan life because we are in the middle of selling (or not as the case may be!!). Maybe it's the continual whining from Toots or the screaming to be picked up by P. Or maybe it's something else.

Why is it that the girls are all smiles for daddy and all grumps for me? Is it me?

In an attempt to clear out my soul, I have "oven-mate"-ed my cooker to within an inch of it's life. It's gleaming. I have vax-ed the hall carpet (what idiot chose cream for a hall carpet with two monkeys.... ooops lets pass over that one). And now I am about to embark on a clear out of all things electronic.

Has it made me feel any better? Not yet. But at least the place is a bit more spic and span. So perhaps when I wake up tomorrow to a clean carpet and a clean oven - and lots more space for lots more things on this ancient old laptop - the world will feel a brighter place.

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