Saturday, 24 September 2011

Cooking the perfect - thanks to Woman's Hour

I'm a bit of a R4 fanatic and can't resist Jenny and Jane on Woman's Hour
Not that I get to listen during the week.... But I can catch up on the website most times.
I've been listening to "Cook the perfect" and been tempted to try many of the recipes.
The fish soup sounds easy and I must be able to master scones although I've not tried either.

But today, inspired by the Lakeland madeline tin I thought I would try my hand at these little delicacies.

The recipe is actually very easy - an egg, sugar, flour and ground almonds and some lemon zest. The challenge for me was the beurre noisette. I'd never made this before and although the instructions said 'low heat, heavy bottom pan, leave for 3 minutes', it seemed to take a bit longer than this and I think I could have left it longer.

It's a case of creaming the egg and the sugar, sifting the almonds and flour and then folding these together before adding your beurre noisette.

Mmmm, then it says leave for an hour. Try explaining that to a 3 year old who wants them now !

But we did and other distractions were found and we managed to leave this to "mature" for almost 45 minutes before we had to put them in the oven.

I'm not sure how they would work without the pan - which I was very impressed with. Well done Lakeland on a really good product.

They only took ten minutes in the oven..... . They certainly weren't all the same size and I probably left them in for a couple of minutes too long....

Thankfully they came out of the pan easily....

And so a dusting of icing sugar and Toots and Pip were soon digging in.

Thankfully I got a picture of the finished article before the disappeared.

An alternative final shot can be found in my Blip journal !

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