Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lyons Fish stew - an easy dinner !!

Lyons Seafood (they do prawns) have launched some new ready to make meals.
They are available in Sainsbury's and are currently £4.99 - they'll go up to £5.99 sometime soon so they are around the same price as an M&S ready meal.

I thought I would try the Catalan Fish Stew because it is absolutely one of my favourites. I know it's not hard but it's been a long week.

First impressions are good - the veg look really fresh and I can see squid and mussels in the seafood.

It claims it will be ready in five minutes - so here goes.

OK so I've read the instructions and I don't think 2 minutes is enough to cook courgettes so I'm going to change things around a bit.... so rather than do the fish first I'm going to do the veg first and then add the fish....

Two minutes down and the veg are starting to look nice but still a bit too al-dente for my liking....

Seafood and chorizo added - smelling nice.

Sauce added and bubbling nicely. Smelling very bbq. Why would that be???


Tasty, doesn't look much but filling and it really doesn't look like the box !

My summary
- it is fast.
- I prefer to cook the veg first
- not masses of fish but the beans fill you up !
- def needs bread
- not sure what is Catalan about it - him indoors described it as a gumbo
- there's quite a lot of packaging
- think I might buy it for me if I was having a special night in !!!

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