Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mull-ing around

OK so we've been back for a few days but I wanted to share my musings on holidaying in Scotland.

I need to be honest. I love Scotland. I live in Scotland and I love holidaying here.
There is something special about the west coast - especially when the dreaded midge has gone.
If you don't know what I mean.... feel free to have a look  here !

So when we were considering an autumn break, we were keen to return to the Isle of Mull.
This is significantly less far than the amazing Isle of Skye but reducing driving when you have a couple of small people in the back of the car is a good plan. You need to take a ferry - obviously - which goes from Oban, a 3 hour drive from Edinburgh. Apparently.

But the *joy* of Scotland means that some places are a bit more inaccessible. And the word "diversion" sends shivers down the spine. Mmmm, our diversion added some 85 miles, 2 hours and the remaining tank of fuel. I would like to say "luckily I had thought about that" but I hadn't. So there was no milk, no food. Idiot..... Thankfully, daddy picked up SIX bananas which were eaten en-route.

Needless to say, screaming, vomiting, sleeping and screaming again followed. And that was just daddy.

But we arrived. Just in time. It could only get better.

It did - a wonderful cottage at Calgary on the north west of the Island, some amazing weather and a great trip to Staffa.  (Sans kids - the joy of taking the inlaws but that's another story)

Staffa is another island which is the home of Fingals Cave. Now this place is amazing. It is effectively the other end of the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and is managed by the National Trust for Scotland. I took ooodles of photographs - but perhaps this give you an idea of the place. Well, it doesn't really. Believe me if you are in the area, go. It is stunning. I didn't hear Mendelssohn but was gobsmacked.

Our journey was taken aboard the Hoy Lass thanks to lovely Iain from Turus Mara. Iain has a wicked sense of humour and you feel safe in his experienced hands.  (I love the fact that Turus Mara means journey by sea).  He is quite a character.

When we got home - unfortunately without any significant wildlife sightings - we wanted some local seafood. But the local restaurant was closed......

Thankfully it was raining the next day and we were able to partake of some gorgeous Inverlussa Mussels. We had to take the girls but that's another story too.

But here they are. Inverlussa mussels thanks to Am Birlinn where the food was great but the service could have had more of smile.

There is more to say but I will save it for another day. Next year I think we'll head for Islay. As him-indoors said "more distilleries" as he poured himself another dram of Tobermory Whisky !

Happy days.

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