Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fish can be frugal: PART 1

I've been reading and listening to such a lot about the horrible state of the economy that it's not hard to start become very consious of money and the increasing prices of things.

I work in the seafood industry and a big part of my job is to try to get people to eat more fish more often - which is why we have launched our new website called Fish is the Dish. Make sure you check it out.

But I've been worried that a lot of people think seafood is expensive. So I've decided to put this to the test.

Here's my fist calculation.

Last night we had smoked mackerel on baked potatoes - based on a recipe from our fab chef Jaqueline O'Donnell from The Sisters restaurant in Glasgow.

I took my prices from Tesco.com today (25/10/11) and here we go:

Per pack Approx 1 serving
Baking potato £1.50 £0.38
Cream cheese £1.34 £0.34
Smoked mackerel £2.34 £0.10
Baby beetroot £0.94 £0.31
Apple - £0.20
Horseradish £0.69 £0.09

WOW Less than £1.50 for a main meal - that's not bad at all.

Not only that but it was easy and super easy for a Monday night supper. I might be able to make a cheap cheesy beany potato for that cost but I'll tell you what, it won't taste as good and certainly won't be stacked with omega-3, selenium, iodine..... don't get me started.

Go on try it - and if you need a recipe mail me at karen@fishisthedish.co.uk

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