Monday, 24 October 2011

The Museum of Flight - a family day out.

We've been meaning to go to visit the National Museum of Flight at East Fortune for ages.
We thought that it would be a great family day out and we were absolutely right.

There's lots to see - lots of space for running around - hands on displays. Oh and excellent fish and chips in North Berwick only 4 miles away.

East Fortune is a a former military airfield which played an important role in both World Wars and was first 'opened' in 1915. It's very close to the North Sea and so was a sensible base which enabled the sea to be patrolled. There's lots of really interesting information on the Museum website.

My favorite facts were that it housed airships - and was the launch site for the first air crossing between the UK and the USA - by airship R.34. Really historic stuff.

But the highlight of the visit has to be this absolute beauty - Concorde.

I can honestly say that the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up - she is an absolute beauty. Such fantastic engineering. Really impressive. Even Toots was impressed - she thought it was a funny shape. Oh and the wheels were really, really big.....

As were the engines....

Don't for one moment think that this isn't a museum for girls. Out two loved it - there was so much to see, and so much for them to learn.

There is a fantastic hands on exhibition which teaches all about 'how planes fly'. This was a big, big hit - lots of buttons to press and things to talk about. Good job him indoors is an engineer (he was in heaven too....)

I'm just relived this 'target practice' was being fixed - otherwise my two might not have enjoyed being pulled off of the target. So much for getting a nice shot of them together. Toots loved being able to fly a plane and land an airship. Oh and the smell of oil. She loved the smell of oil - she'll be an engineer yet.

This is a great family day out. They have great facilities - toilets and a wee bus to take you through the site (it is big). Lots of picnic tables and a cafe too.  I think we'll go back next summer and plan to spend the day. 

Oh and if you have the time, stop by North Berwick for some fish and chips. We were supposed to have ours on the beach but it was a bit too cold..... We might even team it with the Scottish Seabird Centre and an ice-cream too.

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