Saturday, 29 October 2011

Kyloe steak restaurant review

I've been reading with envy some of the fab foodie bloggers and their visits to various gastronomic venues  in and around Edinburgh. Most have involved fantastic surroundings, amazing food and good prices !!

So I couldn't resist but try the newly opened Kyloe restaurant in The Rutland Hotel. It says it's Edinburgh's first gourmet steak restaurant and after reading this review from Nadine Pierce we just had to go and find out for ourselves.

It's not always easy to go out to dinner with two small people in tow and so lunch is often a better bet.  And thanks to having a French class close by on Saturday and a voucher giving us 40% off food, we toddled off to try it.

And impressed we were. From the welcoming staff, to the funky interior, it was a great experience. They were really welcoming to our two monkeys who proceeded to put their sticky mits over every piece of mirror, glass and shiny thing in the place !

But to the important stuff, the food.

It being lunch, we skipped starters and went straight for the main event. We both opted for the steak board which comprised of 3 small steaks all cooked medium rare.  We opted for a bernaise sauce which was a good choice

They were beautifully cooked- charred on the outside and pink in the inside. They had been left to rest and so by the time they reached the table they were pretty much perfect. I'm sure him indoors could have taken it a bit more pink but that's no criticism. It was served with a little watercress and sunblushed tomatoes so we decided to indulge and have some beef dripping chips.

Oh lordy lord, beef dripping chips. We restrained ourselves and had only one portion between us. Good job too. They were  large and unctuous. Fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside. I would go back for the chips alone but they don't come cheap at £4 a portion.

The girls shared a kids menu, Crombies sausage and mash followed by chocolate ice-cream. That was a good size to share and the pens and colouring in kept them amused until it arrived. We even managed a word with the chef and I really like that you can see into the kitchen.

There are some really nice touches -they will bring out the cuts available and explain to you which part of the cow it comes from. Their staff are very knowledgeable and the service was probably some of the best I've had in Edinburgh in ages (esp with 2 little people!).

Oh and did I mention my desert - perhaps not quite 100% - was clearly assembled to order, but was still very fresh and tasty.

All in all a delightful experience - good food, good service and a nice environment. Changed days from when The Rutland was a dodgy nightclub. I would give it a try - nice addition to the Edinburgh scene.

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