Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Buggy-itis !

I've never really suffered from buggy-itis. You know what I mean, you have bought a "travel system" but didn't like the way it pushed so you bought the iCandy. Then Quinny brought out a new version and you traded your iCandy for the Quinny. The after three punctures you opted for the Bugabo. Then you couldn't get it in your car so you ended up with an umbrella fold anyway.

But I've never really suffered. Until now.

Pip is just over one and I thought it was my last chance. Tesco had 25% off. They had a Britax B-Lite on offer, plus the 25% off and I couldn't resist.

Toots is nearly three and a half and we have been delighted with the Out n About Nipper. It is a truely wonderful buggy and we love it. It has suspension, it works fantastically well in the snow, the cobbles, the sand. However, it doesn't really fold. Well it does, but I've never done it.

Two little monkies and a week's self catering in Mull and I was panicing about the buggy situation. I could have begged, borrowed or stolen (joke) one. But instead, I forked out fifty quid for this new model.

I must admit I really like it. I didn't want to but I do. It's easy to push, easy to fold and nice and light. My "hinge covers' don't seem to quite work (I think I have two the same...) but this is so minor that it's not worth worrying about.

Now all I have to do is to stop Pip wanting to sleep in it at night and it's a winner !

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