Saturday, 27 August 2011

Stuff work - a non-frenetic Friday

Friday's are usually frenetic. I don't know why but getting out the house on a Friday is always so much more painful than any other day of the week. Maybe it's because I'm tired after a week at work or maybe it's because often Thursday night will involve a little glass of vino.

Anyway, for that reason and the fact that it was the last Friday of the Fringe, I decided to stuff work and take the day off....

So a more relaxing morning and we ended up at Assembly Festival where Toots announced that she wanted to see Bagpuss. Being of an age where Bagpuss was my absolute favourite when I was little. Thankfully there were tickets and off we went. The audience was thankfully small and it was done really nicely.  Very gentle, very nicely done and very nostalgic for me. If you want a taster have a look....

Toots has been Professor Yaffle ever since... Naff Naff Naff Naff !!!

Then there was just enough time for a hot chocolate and a cake of which I had none (better for the waist line I guess) before running back home in time for.... thPièce de résistance - DANCE CLASS !!!  

Forget your traditional dance class, introduce some funky music and noisy tap shoes, some naught toes/good toes ballet and you have Dynam-nic Dance. Toots has been going to this for a few months and absolutely loves it. While she dances her socks off to all manner of stuff, us "ballet moms" put the world to rights, gossip and have a general chit chat. It's wonderful and I love it. Nicky (the Dynam-NIC) is great. The kids love her and she actually gets them to do stuff that us mums stare at in disbelief. Truly a great dance teacher.

Then it was off to the airport to collect daddy where Pip cried her heart out (oops, too much junk food and not enough proper food) and Toots first words were "Daddy here's flower and where's my present".

Gotta love the honesty of a 3 year old..... Normality restored

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