Tuesday, 23 August 2011

It has to match !!!

Toots is almost three and a half. She has always known her own mind but this has taken on a new level of late. Her *cutlery* have to match.

Now how am I supposed to do that with this rag bag?

We have Toy Story, Incredibles, insects, butterflies, swirls, flowers.....


It doesn't matter what she is eating - she has to have a fork, a knife and a spoon. All laid beautifully.
(A big space between the knife and fork means she is really hungry and expecting a large meal - a small space means she's not expecting a big plateful).

Now I did think about putting them together with those delightful red elastic bands the postie always leaves for me..... But I've not got around to that yet. Instead, every meal time involves a massive scrabbling around in *that* kitchen drawer - finding two that match then searching the kitchen sinks (yes, posh, I have two) and in the end diving head first into the dishwasher whilst MATCHING being screamed in my ear !!

Now don't get me started on socks.....

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