Monday, 29 August 2011

Toddler tantruming and star charts

Oh what a weekend.

Toots seemed to be grumpy from waking on Saturday. I quote.
"No, not that.", "No, that's wrong", "No, I'm hungry",
No, I want to go to Balamory *now* !

This went on. And on peaking in a crisis outside Boots.

What do you do when your three year old has a complete paddy(TM) in broad daylight at the highlight of shopping central? Do you try to pick her up with her legs flapping all over the place or leave her to get over it?

I decided to let her get on with it. Not a nice sight.
But I wasn't sure what else to do. She was distraught,

It may have been over an icecream or Hello (Bloody) Kitty hair things;
I'm not sure I will ever know.

The *paddy*(TM) was followed by lots of sniffling, sorry's and then a major "fall asleep" in our new local wine-porium, !

Once we returned home we re-instigated the star chart. Something we had stopped using a couple of months ago. Hopefully that will help. So far so good.

I know lots of mums don't agree with star charts. But it works for us. Maybe this one doesn't reflect such great behaviour. But it will get better. It has to....

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