Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Is it wrong to swaddle an (almost) toddler?

Toots was a great sleeper. In fact Toots was easy in almost every way. (That is changing as her pre-school self appears: "No mummy, that's just wrong")

Toots went to bed, read a book, gave you a kiss and then went to sleep from about 10 months. Consistently.

But Pip is a different story all together.

Took her ages to stand, took her ages to crawl and she's not walking yet.

She sleeps. Yes she sleeps and for the last month she has slept in her buggy.
Yes for 12 and sometimes 13 hours she will sleep strapped in in one position. I feel I am torturing her but she sleeps. She wakes and is smily and happy and will even lie there for 10 minutes before you have to get her.

So with daddy away I thought I might try to fix this.

So on Monday - inspired by Libby - colleague and fellow mum we embarked on CC.
It wasn't too bad. Honest. 20 minutes start to finish returned twice. Job done slept in her cot all night.

Last night was a different story - 40 minutes - lots of hollering and about 4 returns. But went to sleep ok. But couldn't keep her there. At stupid o'clock she was screaming the place down, wouldn't lie down. Picked her up put her in the cot and she was out before the straps were on. There she stayed all night.
What did I do? I swaddled her? Like I did when she was 2 days old...

The CC wasn't too bad but swaddling a 14 month old? Seems odd. MInd you if it works?????

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