Saturday, 20 August 2011

Taking small people to a show: Hairy Maclary and friends

The Edinburgh Festival and Fringe (and Tattoo and Art Festival and Book Festival....) are all in full swing (more info here) and the city is buzzing. There is a wonderful atmosphere but it's not easy when you have to trail around town with Toots and Pip in tow.

So today - knowing we would have an early rise as the man of the house was heading off to California - I made the effort to book tickets for a show for the little ones. So off we sailed to Hairy Maclary and Friends - by Nonsensroom Productions.

After collecting the tickets, pottering about (loo stops et al) we joined the massive queue. I couldn't believe it when one of the staff said it was a sell out and 500 tickets had been sold. A quick reccy around me and I reckoned it was an average of 2 kids per adult. Oh I was so glad I didn't have a red wine head.

The show was very good - lots of singing and interaction. Some of the smaller ones were a little put off by the shouting and general noise but once they got used it they seemed to enjoy it. Hercules Morse was a bit too much for Toots - she told me afterward it was because to dog kept cuddling the lady and she didn't like it ! The highlight through had to be Zachary Quack.

You don't have to be a fan of the books but it certainly helped.

Toots and Pip had a ball. Happy them, happy me :-)

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