Sunday, 21 August 2011

Feeding the family: Delia's Ragu

We are massive pasta fans on our house.

Toots would eat macaroni cheese every day if she could. Threaten a veg in there and she runs a mile. Onion, leek, tomato? No.... just macaroni and cheese. It's ironic as I can't get her to eat cheese at all..... And never have.

But one of the absolute favourites of my girls is Delia's ragu. It looks like a real faff but it's not.

Onion, pre thingy-ed garlic all browned followed by pancetta, beef mince, pork mince, passata, tom puree and  a bottle of wine. Simmer then in the oven on a S setting overnight and Bob's your uncle !

It is practice though - before the Monkeys arrived, I used to do the chicken livers too but they fell out of favour and I've never felt confident to put them back in. Stupid I know - but I fear the vitA thing even though they are 3 and 1.

The best thing about this recipe is you make lots and it freezes wonderfully. I can generally get 4 meals out of my large le Creuset. The girls think it is such a treat and because it is so rich you don't really need very much of the sauce. Generally I defrost the sauce then put in a pan with either water or red wine (or a mix) and eek it out a little.

I have to say I ignore Delia and have done it overnight on low in my slow cooker or on the S setting of my oven for anything up to 12 hours. I think the longer the better. The the trick is to let it cool without stirring ir. This feels counter intuitive but is well worth it !

I promise you it really is worth the effort - and look at how much you get for the freezer !

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